You might have noticed many people using points when telling how much they intend to bet. A points based betting system allows you to decide how much you should bet and if you strictly follow tipsters’ stake plan, your profit, in terms of percentage, will be exactly the same as your tipster’s return.


It’s best to start with 100 points, so all you need to do it take your current or starting amount of your betting account and divide it by 100 and you will find out exactly how much 1 point is worth. For example, if you have £100 in your betting account then dividing it by 100, would mean that 1 point equals £1. Therefore, if tipster is using 5 points to bet on Team A, your stake will be £5.

How about Percentage Based Stakes?

Percentage Based Betting is somewhat similar to points based and the usage of Percentage or Points Based Betting largely depends of personal preferences. 

Using this system, the tipster would suggest to use 1% as a stake, this means that you should place the bet using 1% of your current balance. For example, if you have £100 in your betting account, then 1% would mean that you will be betting £1. 

What system do we use?

Although we are still testing to see which system our members prefer, at the moment we are using points based betting, but this might change if we find that majority of members prefer percentage based betting. 

Overall, these are very simple and easy systems to follow, but at the end of the day, these will not work if you don’t stay disciplined and don’t follow tipster’s advice. 

Good Luck and bring on the BOOMS!

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